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Boy Scout Camping Trip

John in the Boy Scouts

John joined the Boy Scouts in 1974 as a member of Troop 21. In a little boy scouts den house at St. Paul's Methodist church he found camaraderie. He was a member of the troop throughout his youth in Tottenville, Staten Island, NY. John  attained Eagle Scout.  



John on Back of Station Wagon edit WM

Pouch Camp, Staten Island, NY

Boy scout John_editedWM-1
Boyscout 8 edit WM Boyscout 6 edit WM

Washington, D.C. 1978

Washington, D.C. 1978

Later in his adult life, after coming home from the Marines and the difficulties of Beirut, John thought it was important to pay back and stayed involved with the Boy Scouts as an Assistant Scout Master until 2001.


Chip felt very strongly about the Boy Scouts as a positive part of his life .